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GAA Affiliation fee information

Archery clubs within the historic county boundary of Glamorgan are required to affiliate to Glamorgan Archery Association and the Welsh Archery Association. 

To affiliate to the County Association, clubs will pay a block affiliation fee for each member of the club as at 30th September each year. (As recorded on ArcheryGB's 'Sport80' system).

The current GAA fee is £3.50 per member

The one off block club affiliation fee will cover all of your members' affiliation to Glamorgan Archery Association for the following archery year running from October 1st to September 30th.  


Direct members of ArcheryGB, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Important information from the treasurer:

Electronic bank transfers would be appreciated wherever possible.

If sending affiliation cheques to the Glamorgan Treasurer Please ensure you do NOT use initials for 'Glamorgan Archery Association' & 'Welsh Archery Association' , write them out in full. 

Banks are returning any cheques with 'GAA' or 'WAA' on them. This delays your affiliation and creates extra work for the Treasurer !!. 



Please click the link below for the grant application form when applying for any expenses/grants. 

>>grant application form<<

*If applying for the 'promotional material (flag) grant' also read the instructions on the 'Clubs' Page too. 

GAA Constitution

 To view the current newly updated and improved County constitution



(i.e you haven't joined a specific archery club, but instead have joined ArcheryGB directly)

People who are direct members of Archery GB are required to affiliate to their County Association and Welsh Archery Association. 

Eligibility for direct county membership is subject to the following conditions :-
 - You are a direct member of Archery GB and your membership is current 
 - Your reside within the historic county boundary of Glamorgan 
 - You are not affiliated to another county association in Great Britain 
 - You agree to pay the affiliation to the Welsh Archery Association via payment to the Glamorgan Archery Association 
 - You declare any disciplinary procedures to which you have been subject in the past five years 

Use this online form to apply for direct membership


IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF ARCHERYGB you are covered to shoot at any Glamorgan Club. 

HOWEVER !! - You MUST contact the club you wish to shoot at BEFORE you arrive. They will then inform you if they are allowing visitors at this time and what the procedures and fee's are.

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